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Here are some useful rocky shore links and files.

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Here are the pictures from the 2006 field course.

web page

This UK site has lots of information about rocky shores and the living things to be found there.
good uk site
web site
This Swedish site has detailed information about rocky shore organisms.
swedish site
web site
This "virtual rocky shore" lets you browse a shore, discovering more about the organisms.
virtual rocky shore
web site
This site takes you around a rocky shore in Dorset. It has good habitat information and is organised by the zones down the shore.
orset rocky shore
web site
This site has a section on field work on rocky shores.
field work on rocky shores
web site
Here are two limpet sites with lots of information about the lovely little beasts.
web site
web site
Here are two sites about vernier callipers and how to use them.
vernier callipers
web site
vernier callipers
web site
Here is an A2 coursework help sheet.
coursework help sheet
web page
This links takes you to the current specification for AQA B biology.
link to aqa for spec
Here is the A2 mark scheme.
mark scheme
web page
This excel file contains most if not all of the statistics you are likely to need for your A2 coursework. Right-click on the link and select "save target as..."
stats calculator
This spreadsheet calculates student t without worrying you about how it does it.
easy t test
This spreadsheet calaculates the chi-squared statistic for categoric data.
chi squared
This spreadsheet has a number of ideas you could use for graphing. However, you will need some knowledge of excel to make them work for your data.
Here is a help sheet on using excel for some of the stats.
t test help
web page
Finally, here is my email address if you need help.
email link
email address

4 August, 2006