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The Word and Excel documents linked here all use a bit of Visual Basic programing to spice them up. Please feel free to use them as they are, or alter the code to make them work better.


You will have to enable macros so make sure that you have you virus database up to date!



An Excel spreadsheet that generates different bingo cards. This was produced to solve the problem that students tend to pick the few words that they know from a master list and then all get bingo at the same time. My chocolate budget got so high that I produced this. Use the tabs at the bottom to do the tasks but leave the "random" one alone. The sheet prints 4 random cards so remember to randomise before you print the next 4!


You too can be a completely fair and unbiased questioner. Add the class names to the "names" sheet by pasting from your class list and then click the button. The sheet works just as well for other things such as questions. The two versions allow any name to be chosen (names1) or each name only once (names2).

The words go in the "data" sheet and then use either words or definitions to test the class.

This was my attempt to add controls to an excel sheet and get it to show relationships in the solar system. The original idea came from the New Media software of the same name.

Counts the cost of household appliances.

Presents data from a variation activity.

I wanted to produce a form with Word that could be used as a quick homework or revision activity. The student does have to print it to be marked by you.

The idea of this Word document is to use macros to step through the process of transcription and translation. Play with it and then write a worksheet to acccompany it.

This Word document simulates the use of different restriction enzymes on good old lambda dna. the "word count" button on the toolbar shows you how many bits the dna has been chopped into and the "count bases" button tells you the length if you position the insertion point at the start of a segment.

Just playing around with an idea on how to use Word to make cloze activities.

This excel file counts down from the number of minutes you enter in the data sheet.

An Excel stopwatch - but don't rely on its accuracy, Excel sometimes can't update the screen fast enough if you have lots of other things going on in the background.

An application using the Lotka-Voltera equations modelling rabbit and wolf numbers on an island.

I had a go at creating a Blockbuster type revision game. You can edit the questions and answers to create a game appropriate to your subject.

A merit raffle application that takes away the need for all those tickets. Enter the names and merit numbers in the students sheet and then let Excel take the strain.


5 May, 2007